There’s no limit to your travels with Cactus Barbora. Stylish and compact, pop it into your smallest hand bag. Eliminates breakage for gentle styling. Suitable for all hair types. Magnetic Quick Release cap keeps your Cactus Barbora safe on the go

Discover the technologies that make every single Cactus Hairbrush superb
  • Tourmaline Micro-gems Technology for silky smooth and shiny hair.
  • Innovative hi-tech compound eliminates hair breakage.
  • Premium anti-static components banish frizz.
  • Ergonomic design fits perfectly into right or left hands.
  • Extreme UV protection so your Cactus stays like new for longer.
  • Magnetic Quick Release Cap Lock System keeps your Cactus safe on the go.
  • Expertly integrated with the strongest anti-microbal additives to prevent deterioration

Colour your Cactus Barbora